Had to Take A Break To Watch Some Cruise Ships.

When I started this blog in February, it was my intention to post a new post at least once a week if not twice a week. However, no matter how noble the intentions are, life gets in the way and in some cases the symptoms of PTSD get in the way. Last week I received a letter from the VA asking for a copy of my Physical Evaluation Board findings. They need the report to continue justifying one of the VA benefits I receive. This was no big deal, I had the form and it was no issue to drive to the VA hospital to drop it off. However, the emotional aspect of once again reading the report and seeing the phrase “unfit for continued military service” brought back a lot of uneasy feelings. I took the report with me to my Tuesday appointment with my therapist. We talked about it for a while and decided to continue the discussion during our next appointment. On the way home, I decided it would be a good topic to blog about. I started working on the blog post but found it was a bit harder than expected. While working on it, I came to the realization that it’s not going to be ready to post until next week. So I decided to write a short blog about one of our favorite activities. If you have read the get to know chaplain doll page, you will know that my family and I love to cruise

Taking our adult kids on a cruise May 20th, on the Carnival Valor.

carnival valor

Living in Texas, as we do, makes it easy to take cruises, as the port of Galveston is about three hours from where we live. Which makes it really convenient to cruise, as we don’t have the extra expense of air travel, hotel stays and transportation cost between the airport, hotel and the cruise terminal. Living close to Galveston saves us about $2000 per cruise. As a result, we take about one cruise a year. Sometimes it just Beth and I, which our adult children thinks is unfair. But hey, there should be some kind reward for us, for raising our kids successfully. Taking a cruise without them seems like just the right reward. But at last, they made us feel so bad last year that we have been cruising without them. That we booked a cruise for all of us for May 20th and gave it to them as a Christmas gift. So as of today, we have 57 days before our next family cruise, which by the way will be our first cruise where all of our children are adults. Which is scary in it self. Anyway, we are getting excited and the kids (adults) are also getting excited. We are going to Cozumel and to Yucatan, Mexico. We have booked a four-wheel ATV excursion in Cozumel, which should be lots of fun especially as we have never done an ATV excursion before. When we go to Yucatan, we are going to visit the beautiful Mayan City of Uxmal, (pronounced Ush-Mal) considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Mayan world. I figured we needed to do this because we are taking the kids. Everyone knows there has to be an educational moment when one takes the kids on vacation, even when they are adults. Sorry kids, but that is the price of going on a cruise with your parents.

To get ready for our upcoming cruise I’ve been surfing the web looking at pictures and watching YouTube videos to get motivated. Not that I really need a lot of motivation. While surfing the web, I surfed across a website called PTZtv, it is a website that has live streaming webcams of different cruise ports.


It is so cool, I can sit all day and watch cruise ships enter and depart different cruise ports in Florida and the Caribbean. So far, I have found myself captivated by these streaming webcams, which in turn has increased my excitement of going on our May cruise. Not everyone in my family is as excited at my discovery as I am. Well, to tell the truth, none of them are excited about my discovery. My wife can’t understand why I would just sit and watch ships arriving and departing ports. My oldest daughter seems completely uninterested. My middle daughter thinks it creepy that I would sit and watch people on the cruise ship when they don’t know I’m watching them. Ok, maybe that is a bit creepy, but they should be aware that they could be on a streaming webcam at some point on their cruise. My son says it weird that I would watch people from around the world when I could be doing something better with my time. Guess that’s one of the benefits of being retired, I can spend my day doing what others think is a waste of time. Awe retirement, so sweet; enjoy your college classes as I watch people enjoying their cruises.

cruise-terminal-1-2By the way, if you happen to be near a computer around 11:00 A.M on Saturday May 20, check out the Galveston cruise dock webcam. I’ll be the one on the gangway looking at the webcam on the building across from the ship, waving to everyone. You will know it’s me because I will be watching myself  on my smart phone! If you come back around 4:30 P.M I’ll be standing on the portside of the ship waving good-bye. Feel free to click a photo of me, the button is on the lower right hand of the screen, and no I wont think you are creepy. Well, maybe just a little creepy but that’s Ok.



Author: Chaplain Doll

I am a retired 21-year Army Chaplain Veteran, I am the founder of "Healing The Storm Ministry" an outreach for veterans and those suffering from PTSD. The focus of "Healing the Storm Ministry" is to help people find spiritual peace in the midst of their life's storms.

4 thoughts on “Had to Take A Break To Watch Some Cruise Ships.”

  1. I’m glad you all are taking this fun sounding cruise- this can only be a positive time for the whole family!
    I wish I could be a stow-a-way and join you!!
    I do find your writings very inspiring to a lot of us-not just to those suffering from PTSD due to Military exposure.
    I always have had the upmost Faith in you that God is there beside you through this fight – and you will come out the winner from this dark time. Love you always!


    1. Thank you so much! You and Ralph have always meant a lot to us, and I have always known that you love and support us. We are so proud to have you as our Aunt and Uncle and your wonderful family also.


  2. Thank you Kevin. I’m so excited for you and your family, I know you all will have an exciting time together.


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