Where is God in the Hard Times: Lesson Two Notes

I have published the lesson two note on my class Where is God in the Hard Times.  These note are found on the Where is God in the Hard Times page. 

Hope you enjoy these notes.



A Great Train Song “The City of New Orleans by Willie Nelson 

When I’m not writing, blogging, practicing my banjo, being a bum or going on cruises, I enjoy all things railroading. Last year my wife and I started selling railroad memorabilia, advertising, safety and retirement awards, along with railroad documentation, papers, and magazines at local train shows. We mainly specialize in items from the 1940-1950 and a few times will venture into the 1960s. But the golden age of railroading was in the 1940s and the 1950’s.

IMG_1347This year we are branching out just a bit and adding railroad gifts, some Thomas the Train Engine books and my wife is making railroad theme pillows.

my Booth at the Houston Train Show

The train show season is not very long, usually from September to February and they seem to be at the same time. Which makes it hard to have a  consistent schedule of train shows to sell at. This year we have already missed two shows, one in Temple, Texas due to previous commitments and the Galveston train show which was canceled due to Hurricane Harvey. We are scheduled to sell at the New Braunfels, Texas train show sponsored by the New Braunfels Railroad Museum. The 9th annual winter show is scheduled for October 28-29. This is a good show that is held at the New Braunfels civic center. The 30th annual  Train Show and Jamboree is planned in April 2018 at the civic center. The big show that we sell at is the Houston Annual train show which is held in February. It is a one day show but draws in a few thousand people each year.

But my train hobby goes beyond just selling and attending train shows. I also enjoy “riding the rails” when we can. During the labor day weekend, my wife and daughter took a one day ride on the Austin Steam Train association “Hill Country Flyer” from Cedar Park, Texas to Burnet, Texas. The “Hill Country Flyer” is a 66-mile round trip excursion journeys through the Texas Hill Country, crossing the wooden trestle bridge over the South San Gabriel River and Short Creek Canyon. During the two hour layover in Burnet, you can enjoy lunch on your own, a leisurely stroll around the historic town square and the Wild West Gunfight. We had a great day on the trip and enjoyed the day together. Below are a couple of Videos and pictures from the trip.

This first video is a short video with all the great sounds that make riding the rails so fun.

This second video is a short video as we pass four diesel engines on a siding. 

IMG_0974 IMG_0948

         Train at the Cedar Park Station                                    Train at the Burnet Station

IMG_0934       IMG_0924

Burnet Train Station 

Take a look at all the wonderful day trips available at the Austin Steam Train 

Click here for fun-filled train trips

New Page Added!

I have just added a new page to the website! “Where is God in the hard times.” This page contains my class notes for a class I’m teaching at First Baptist Church New Braunfels, Texas.

The class looks at the question of “where is God in the hard times.” Many people find themselves facing difficulties and hardship in their life and often ask questions like “Where is God?” “Has God forgotten Me?” “Why can’t I feel the presence of God anymore?” “Does God even hear my prayers?” These and other questions are honest and true questions that not only we ask, but have also been asked by those in the Scriptures. We will specifically look at the Life of Job and David to explore these question further and will look at the Crucifixion of Christ to find our answers to these questions.

My intent is to continue working on the notes so even if you are unable to attend the class you can still follow along with us each week. The notes and the page is a work in progress and will go through a number of changes as I learn to format the page properly and expound on my notes. Please enjoy the notes and I look forward to your feedback and comments.

Hallelujah Veteran’s Version

One of my veteran brothers who I went through the 3-month VA PTSD treatment program in Waco, Texas sent this out on Facebook. It made such an impact on me that I wanted to share it here on the blog. As I listened to the song, I was taken back to my time in Iraq, and as I watched the photos, I felt like I was back in Iraq. The song not only vividly reminded me of being in Iraq it also reminded me of the struggles I still face with my combat-related PTSD. This is a great song, sung by a veteran who herself struggles with her own combat-related trauma. Thank you, Sailor Jennifer, for sharing your beautiful song and sharing a part of your story.

From Sailor Jennifer’s website 

Hallelujah Veterans Version was actually written for a small group of Veterans that I talk to in support groups.  The original video was done just standing in my livingroom.  I’ve now recorded it and used pictures sent to me by the guys who followed this from the start.  It is FREE for anyone to download. I’ve tried to take suggestions into account when working with the musicians for the recording.  I hope you all love it.

Also I plan to post a downloadable version of the lyrics for everyone who has asked 🙂

Thank you for all of your support for this song.  The reach and messages have been amazing and overwhelming to receive.

Sailor Jerri

Click below for the audio version of the song. 


If you click on Hallelujah on the left menu bar of her site, it will take you to her video.


Finding God’s Peace in the Midst of Hurricanes

At this this very moment there are millions of people experiencing the very real despair and pain of living through the hurricanes over the last few weeks.

As I began to write this morning I wanted to see when I last posted and in doing so I decided to take a peek at my stat page. What I found surprised me and caused me to pause. I enjoy seeing what countries people are from as they read my blog. What I saw this morning surprised me, I have had some people reading my blog from the Caribbean and the Virgin Islands in the last few days. At first, I was a bit puzzled why people were reading my blog posts from the Caribbean and the Virgin Islands nations, especially as many are recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Irma. I wondered why people who are recovering from Irma would take the time to read my blog about my PTSD. However, I notice the blog posts they were reading was not about my PTSD experiences or struggles, they were reading the posts I had written about God’s grace and healing in the midst of our storms. they were reading my post on “God our refuge” “Our hope is found in Christ” “Caught in the storm” “The Psalms 91 Crisis.”

At this very moment, there are millions of people experiencing real despair and pain of living through the hurricanes over the last few weeks.  For some, they are just now beginning to experience the emotional and spiritual storms that inevitably result from living through a traumatic event. Over the next few days, weeks and months people will start to seek answers to their questions, and some will look to God for some kind of peace and deliverance from their storms.


My message for those who have experienced the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Katia over the last few weeks is that God has not forgotten you. He has not forsaken you nor has He cast you aside. God understands your anguish, pain, suffering, brokenness, and hopelessness. In the midst of these great natural disasters God has not ceased to be, He has not and will not turn His back upon you.

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