Lesson Three Notes Where is God in the Hard Times

The lesson three notes are now available to view on my website. Just click on the “Where is God in the Hard Times” page. This week we look at the principles of Biblical interpretation as we seek to interpret Job19:25-27.

I have also updated the notes from Lesson Two,  correcting and adding a few comments under the overview of Job’s discussion with his friends.


Where is God in the Hard Times: Lesson Two Notes

I have published the lesson two note on my class Where is God in the Hard Times.  These note are found on the Where is God in the Hard Times page. 

Hope you enjoy these notes.

New Page Added!

I have just added a new page to the website! “Where is God in the hard times.” This page contains my class notes for a class I’m teaching at First Baptist Church New Braunfels, Texas.

The class looks at the question of “where is God in the hard times.” Many people find themselves facing difficulties and hardship in their life and often ask questions like “Where is God?” “Has God forgotten Me?” “Why can’t I feel the presence of God anymore?” “Does God even hear my prayers?” These and other questions are honest and true questions that not only we ask, but have also been asked by those in the Scriptures. We will specifically look at the Life of Job and David to explore these question further and will look at the Crucifixion of Christ to find our answers to these questions.

My intent is to continue working on the notes so even if you are unable to attend the class you can still follow along with us each week. The notes and the page is a work in progress and will go through a number of changes as I learn to format the page properly and expound on my notes. Please enjoy the notes and I look forward to your feedback and comments.

Fighting My PTSD Symptoms

This week our church First Baptist Church of New Braunfels, Texas; suffered a tragedy as one of our church buses was involved in a fatal crash.

The bus carried 14 passengers who were returning from a senior citizen’s retreat. A pick-up truck crossed into the lane of the bus and crashed into it head on; of the 14 people aboard 13 were killed. There were only two survivors of this horrific crash the driver of the pick-up truck and the one person on the bus. I had seen news alerts throughout the day about this crash, but was unaware the church bus was from our church. Around 6:oo p.m. another news alert come over my phone and this time it mentioned the name of our church. My response was like so many from our church and throughout the community… one of shock.

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