Caught in the Storm

Spring thunderstorms in Texas and the Midwest are common occurrences, they tend to come out of nowhere and range from short rainstorms to severe thunderstorms that produce high winds, hail and often yield violent tornadoes. Being caught in these storms can quickly turn into a genuinely freighting experience. In the midst of the most violent storms, a bright and sunny day can quickly turn into a dark and terrifying experience. Sometimes we watch as the storm slowly approaches, other times, we just see the sky transform from a beautiful blue to a vicious black tempest, catching people off guard. While thunderstorms disrupt our day and can cause fear, they often pass with little or no lasting consequences. But when the thunderstorms turn into severe storms, the results frequently have lasting effects, not only on our property but also in our lives. Often in the center of the fiercest storms, where the most devastating tornados are spawned, people lives are changed forever. Some will lose their lives in just a moment of time; others may be left with physical injuries from surviving the storm. Others may end up with silent and invisible wounds from the storm that persist throughout their lifetime.

It does not matter what storms we find ourselves in, what matters is, there is hope for all of us who find ourselves in the midst of the storm. 

When storms come into our lives, whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual we often feel alone. We find ourselves living in fear, isolation, and hopelessness. We watch as our lives slowly fade away leaving us just a shell of who we used to be. It is in these storms that some find themselves in a spiritual battle. In this battle, we often find ourselves facing the hard questions of our faith. Where is God? Why did God allow this to happen? What did I do to make God angry? How can a loving God allow this to happen? These are the questions that seem to lack answers,  which in turn draw us into a profound spiritual crisis and deep despair. It is my prayer that this blog will in some way reach out to all who have found themselves caught in the storm. It does not matter what storms we find ourselves in, what matters is, there is hope for all of us who find ourselves in the midst of the storm.

“Till the Storm Passes By” Vestal Goodman – A great Hymn which gives us encouragement as we go through our storms.

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